Why don’t you read the whole book?

Two reasons. Both of them are in the interests of saving you money.

1. The more time we invest, the more we have to charge. Many production companies build the costs for time spent reading into their trailer prices (therefore inflating the price of production). Your book cover blurb already contains the important elements for a trailer, hitting all the high points of your story. We also read sample chapters to get a feel for your book’s tone and style, so we can match your trailer to that.

2. You save money by not having to mail us a copy of your book (if we were to read them, we’d require a physical copy). You have more important uses for your author copies, and we’re all about convenience for you. We don’t want to empty your bank account. We just want to make you an awesome trailer.

If you would rather write the trailer script yourself and have us produce it, that’s also an option. After all, as the author, you know your story better than anyone.

Click here for tips on writing a knockout trailer script.

Can I pick my own music for my trailer?

Red Lotus Productions carefully selects and mixes appropriate soundtracks for your trailer from the best royalty-free music available. U.S. laws prevent us from using recording artists’ copyrighted songs in our trailers (and besides, we respect musicians and would never steal from them).

If you are a musician yourself, or have a musician friend who has written music specifically for your trailer, we will use your soundtrack provided the appropriate rights releases are sent to us. Please contact us if you’re interested in providing your own music for a trailer.

Do book trailers actually…you know, sell books?

Book trailers are a relatively new promotional venue for authors. As of yet, there has not been any conclusive evidence that proves or disproves the effectiveness of book trailers. However, book trailers provide greater visibility and an exciting, memorable treatment of your book, which helps readers remember why they want to read your work.

So why do I need a book trailer?

Well, they are really cool.

A good book trailer has many uses. You can:

  • Increase your Internet presence when you upload and tag your trailer on social network and video sharing sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Google video, Flickr, Photobucket, and MetaCafe
  • Enhance your personal author website with quality video content
  • Use the high-quality video file for digital press kits you can send to newspapers, radio and television stations for greater publicity
  • Include with guest blog posts and interviews for added content value
  • Display a looped video feed at book signings and live events to attract more interest

Questions or concerns not covered here? E-mail redlotustrailers@gmail.com