Need more creative control? Want to write your own script? Great!*

Writing a script for a book trailer is not as daunting as it may seem, even if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips for writing an exciting script that will translate to a great book trailer:

Cover the Big Questions

Leave out all your subplots and minor characters. Focus on who wants what, how they’re getting it, and what’s standing in their way. A trailer script should focus on what you’d write in a query letter – everything that’s awesome about your book.

Briefer is Better

Use short, punchy phrases and single, powerful words. It’s difficult to read a full page of text in a video. Try describing your main character(s) in a few words to start with: A jaded warrior, a runaway princess, a bad-ass librarian, a part-time wolf. Do the same for your villain, your plot, and your setting if it’s important to the story.

Emulate Success

Find a few book trailers that intrigue you, and model your script on those examples. You can find plenty of book trailers on YouTube to watch – just run a search for “book trailer” + your genre (or any genre you enjoy) and spend a few minutes watching to see what might work for you.

End With a Tease

What’s the big problem? What do your characters have to overcome, and what’s at stake – their sanity, the family business, the world? Your trailer should end with a question or scenario that compels readers to check out your book so they’ll know what happens.

Still confused? We’ll work with you from your blurb or cover copy to develop a script – e-mail us at with the subject: Script Help. Please type or copy and paste your blurb into the body of the e-mail.

*Red Lotus Productions reserves the right to revise submitted trailers scripts for timing purposes. If your self-written script requires revision or will run longer than the package you purchased, we will contact you before production begins with revision suggestions and/or the opportunity to upgrade your package.