Book trailer: A video teaser for your novel or book, usually from 1 to 4 minutes in length, that can be displayed on the Internet for promotional purposes. Book trailers may be flashy and professional (and expensive) productions, or low-quality “homemade” pieces that can do more harm than good.

Everybody’s got a book trailer these days. Unfortunately, the options are generally 1. make them yourself, or 2. spend a mint to get one produced. And everyone knows writers don’t get paid enough for that.

There are a lot of drawbacks to self-production. You may not be interested in spending hundreds of dollars for top-of-the-line video editing software that you’re only going to use a few times. You may have no idea where to begin finding images, video clips and music. You may not have a lot of technical skill (after all, you’re a writer, Jim, not a producer).

Or you may just not want to take the time to find the materials, learn everything about video editing, and try to string something together. You may just want to write.

That’s where Red Lotus Productions comes in.

We’re a couple of creative professionals who understand how hard it is to get ahead in the arts today. We know how much time modern writers are supposed to be spending on social networks, blogs, interviews, signings and appearances, and the myriad promotional efforts that publishers expect – and oh, you’re supposed to actually write some time in there, too. So we’ve got this book trailer thing handled for you.

We actually like making these things. And we’re pretty cheap, if we do say so ourselves.

View samples of trailers we’ve produced. Check out our pricing and trailer options, including the exclusive Review Trailer format for book signings and events. Read our FAQs. If this grabs you, here’s how to order.

Don’t want to wait a few months for a finished trailer? We’ve got that, too. You’ll generally receive your book trailer files 7 to 10 business days after you place your order and send payment – and in many cases, sooner.

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